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R.I.P. Coffee Maker


My coffee maker, which is less than 6 months old, died yesterday. I killed it. :( In a blur careless moment, I stupidly absentmindedly plugged it into the 220V output of the step up transformer in the kitchen. I had meant to plug in my 110V hair dryer, which I was using these few days after my regular hair dryer decided to give up the ghost, but grabbed the wrong 2-pin plug instead. The moment I flipped the ‘ON’ switch on the transfomer and heard a sound like a thud, I knew I had done something wrong. Yup, I shot my coffee maker and it fell down with a thud. The fuse and possibly something else must be short-circuited. I haven’t found someone locally who would repair small appliances. Also, the labour cost must be $$. A new one costs $80, so fix or burial??

Notice the shiny, new looking glass carafe? It’s new looking because it is new! I got this replacement carafe just a week ago because I had, in yet another  distracted state  one of those moments, turned on the wrong heating element on my stove and melted the carafe which was sitting on it. I don’t even usually leave the carafe on the element but just that day, I thought I’ll leave it there instead of putting it back on the coffee maker warming tray. And that day was the day I put on a pot of water to boil for pasta but turned on the wrong heat. :( There was a fire even and the good thing that came out of it was we know our smoke detector works.

In the meantime, there will be no coffee until my Bodum french press new parts arrive in the mail. Yes, I have a spare coffee maker. which I remembered after the carafe accident, but the parts have rusted so I have to replace them. By the way, if you own a Bodum french press and if the long plastic nut part which holds the 3 pieces together on the shaft (they call it a shoulder nut) needs replacing, email them and they’ll send you one free. The new ones are made of metal. I’m still waiting for mine but it’s in the mail.

This morning I decided to give myself some therapy so I bake a Devil’s Food Cake from Anna Olson’s new ‘Bake with Anna Olson‘ show and also write a blog post. Now that this is done, I have to go and face my kitchen…. And I hope I won’t have any more of these ‘OOPS!’ stories to tell!


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Stouffville Strawbery Festival (Part II)

In my previous post I wrote about the Stouffville Strawberry Festival which took place last Thursday to Sunday. I’m happy to say that it was a successful event; bigger and better than last year’s! We had roads blocked off for the festival and the town centre became a big festival ground. There were carnival rides and games, food and craft vendors, family games, contests, performances and entertainment. It was great to see the community coming out and enjoying the festival. We had visitors from out of town too. On Sunday, the festival ended with a Strawberry Social after a community church service. I love the fact that we have a church service as one of the festival’s programme.

The weather was cooperative throughout. On Saturday, showers were forecasted for the afternoon, which would ruin the street market, but the rain only came late in the evening when the festival was over for the day except for a night performance in the marquee. We spent so much time in the sun, walking to and around the festival that we all got a shade darker even though we had sunscreen on. My feet has criss-cross patterns on them from my shoe straps!

I had fun at the festival with my family although I was constantly on the phone posting pictures and updating the status on the festival’s Facebook page. Ok, without further ado, here are some pictures from the festival. More photos at












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Stouffville’s Strawberry Festival

My little town has a big event every year – the Stouffville Strawberry Festival. I think it’s a great idea and event. I joined the committee this year as I wanted to be involved in something big for the town. Got a small portfolio – managing the ‘Social Media’ but in actual fact, it’s just Facebook. I manage and keep the Facebook page current; promoting the events and creating excitement for the festival. At this point we have only 101 fans, up from around 5 in March!

The Festival is starting tomorrow but the big days are Friday, which is also Canada Day, and Saturday. When I drove by Park Dr today, I saw they were setting up for the carnival. The sight of it got me excited about the festival last year and it did the same thing to me this year! Smile

IMG_8220 (600x324)

I’ll blog about the event after it’s over. I imagine I’ll be quite busy during the festival from both working and enjoying it with my family and friends!

In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook, you can check out the festival here:

or on the web.

UPDATE: Post-event blog post here.


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Spring is Here

Spring is here. I was on Main Street today and it was great to see not just the light sky but also the cleared streets. No more blackened snow piled at the end of sidewalks and dirty, muddy streets. The last remnant of snow gone. The town will start cleaning the roads soon, sweeping the dirt and sand left behind by the melted snow. I look forward to walks to the town when the weather warms up more.

Forgive the hastily taken photos. It was still a little chilly so I hurriedly snapped the pictures with my phone and entered the bagel shop for a breakfast with my friends. (The last photo was added the next day, a beautiful sunny day.)

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Waiting for Spring

We had a thaw 2 weeks ago, the snow melted and we could see grass. Dead grass but grass nonetheless! The snow turned into slush and the roads were wet and dirty and the white snow banks practically turned black. It was also a glimpse of Spring-like weather. Late last week, however, the snow returned and again last night with about 10cm of snow. This morning the world was a winter wonderland again. Temperatures were at zero and above today so it was great. The boys wanted to play in the yard after church this morning and I let them as the snow season will come to an end soon. They volunteered to shovel the snow from the footpath but it’s more play than work at this age!

IMG_5599 (600x400)

Little Guy striking a pose when he spotted the camera.

IMG_5604 (600x400)

Clearing the steps.

IMG_5610 (600x400)

The cheeky one dumping snow on his brother.

IMG_5615 (600x400)

Another pose for Mummy.


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