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Fall View

(Update Oct 2: Added 2 new photos)

It’s Fall now and the world around me has taken on a different colour, like God did some repainting. As I drive around I see gorgeous colours and new scenery. The corn fields have turned golden and leaves have taken on red, orange and yellow hues. Pumpkin patches cropped up seemingly overnight and people’s green lawns are littered with colourful leaves.

Here’s the view I have every day as I drive out and back. It’s easy to see why this is the favourite season for most people.

Freshly harvested pumpkins for sale

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Computer woes

This is the second time I’m composing this post. The first one mysteriously disappeared after I clicked on ‘Save Draft’. Don’t you hate it when that happens. Anyway, I was talking about the computers in the house developing problems whenever my husband is away. It’s strange, I tell you. They seem to know the Computer Boss is not around and they decide to act funny on me, as if being on my own with 2 kids is not stressful enough. Some times I can fix the problem but most times I have to send an SOS to Kip. Once he had to virtually access the computer from the neighbouring country where he was working at that time to address the problem. Last night he guided me over the phone to check my notebook’s IP and what-nots to get reconnected to the Internet. I had lost Internet connection after being online just 40 minutes before the problem. Something about the notebook pointing to the wrong DNS server.

This afternoon, my notebook said bye-bye. It went blank while I was using it. Just like that. No warnings, flickering or beeps. Just flat-lined. I looked up to check if there was a power failure but there wasn’t. It was just the notebook deciding to go away and took all my photos, draft blog posts which I composed using the Windows Live Writer and other documents I have saved on it along. I’m using the other computer in the house now. Computer Boss said my data can be retrieved but I’m afraid I won’t get it before Friday which is the day I’m supposed to post my first recipe from Around My French Table on FFwD, sob! I baked the gougères on Sunday and had taken pictures of them, all ready for my blog post. I can’t have my first ever FFwD post with no pictures! Sob! Sob!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer that my notebook will revive tomorrow. Please, please boot up!!


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Around My French Table/French Fridays with Dorie

IMG_2492 (400x600)My newest cookbook arrived – Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan – and I couldn’t be more excited. There are two reasons for my excitement. First, it’s my première French cookbook and second, I’ve joined an online cooking group to cook through this book! The group is called French Fridays with Dorie (FFwD) and it’s created by the same person behind the group that baked through Dorie’s baking book. This time around Dorie endorses the group right from Day One so it’s more special. Anyway, back to the book, it’s supposed to be homely, unfussy French cooking. Food that Dorie would cook for herself when she’s in Paris. She writes in the book’s introduction that “this is elbows-on-the-table food, dishes you don’t need a Grand Diplôme from Le Cordon Bleu to make.” PHEW!

More on FFwD, each week a recipe will be selected and the group members will cook that recipe and post it up (on their own blog or Facebook or on the FFwD website) on the Friday of that week. I’m excited and at the same time nervous. French cooking is new to me and so it will be a challenge. The good part is, there’s no pressure but I would strive to cook each week’s recipe unless I have a good reason not to, a reason that I will not be sheepish to share! The group starts posting their recipes Oct 1. I’m ready to go!

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A Day of Play

It was a ‘PA’ day today, a scheduled teacher professional activity day where there are no classes. I arranged a play date for Big Kid with a friend from his class last year. For lunch we picked up some food from McDonald’s and went over to the house of a boy from Big Kid’s school. My friend was there today watching the boy with her own sons. It was a beautiful day; warm summer weather but breezy. The trees in that mature neighbourhood were swaying and going ‘wisha wisha wisha’. My thoughts went to a childhood favourite read, the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. It was lovely to sit in the yard listening to the trees while watching the boys play.

IMG_2364 (600x400) IMG_2392 (600x400)

IMG_2431 (600x400) IMG_2385 (600x400)

IMG_2451 (600x400) IMG_2461 (600x400)

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Big Kid had a friend over in the morning to play today. In the afternoon we went over to his schoolmate’s house where there were 3 other kids. In the evening our friends dropped off their 3 kids for us to watch while they have a night out. Kip is making all the children popcorn now so they have piped down a bit. My ears are ringing from a day of cacophony!

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