Sunday KFC and BBQ

01 Sep

The sermon topic today was ‘Will I be financially secured?’, part of the ‘Fearless’ series. We were reminded to depend on God and to trust Him to provide for us. It feels good knowing that God ‘has our back’.

Lunch after church was KFC! Big Kid asked for it but I told him it was arteries-clogging food. He thought about it then said clogged arteries could lead to a heart attack which could lead to death. I told him he is right and he said we don’t need to have KFC after all since it could cause death! Then he said anything is fine, “as long as it’s not Asian. That means, no Chinese or Vietnamese or Thai.” He was so specific in his request, we had to accommodate him! We went to KFC anyway since we haven’t had it for a very long time but it was expensive. Lunch cost $30, the same amount which we paid for our Chinese dinner last night. We went to a good Chinese restaurant (People Seafood Restaurant) in Markham and ordered yong chow fried rice, diced chicken with celery and sugar peas stir-fry, and fried tofu with salty and spicy sauce. We felt we were back in KL when we were at that restaurant! 🙂

Later in the afternoon, after Big Kid went for his chess camp at the library, we visited Andrew and Cherry, our neighbours. Cherry just had a baby girl, Bethany. She looks just like her sister, Bernice. Bernice and Little Guy are of the same age and they always have a good time playing together, which unfortunately, does not happen often.

In the evening, we went for a BBQ. The Bridge has organized a summer event called BBQs for 11. It’s where a home hosts a BBQ for 11 people with the objective of connecting people to form friendships and relationships. Pst Karen, the Life Group pastor, had asked if I would be interested to host one but I declined as our home was too small so we sign up to attend a BBQ instead.

Our BBQ was co-hosted by Jen & Craig and Ken & Kathy at Jen & Craig’s home. There were 4 other families apart from us and the hosts so all in we had 14 adults and 8 children. The house has a large backyard with a treehouse, swing and a bouncy castle. The children had a blast although there would be somebody crying at one point or another! The adults had a good fellowship too. We got to know Jen & Craig, John & Helen, John & Erika, Karyn & Rusty, Mark & Jia Li. We were already acquainted with Ken & Kathy from our former life group.  I’m looking forward to seeing our new friends again in church.

It was a good Sunday. I’m happy. 🙂

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