September weather

09 Sep

It happened over a few days but it feels like it happened overnight. I’m talking about the weather turning chilly; downright cold this morning. On Sunday it was around 18C, you could still be out in t-shirts. On Monday it was rainy and just a tad chilly. On Tuesday morning, I sent my boys to school in shorts and tees but with a light sweater over. It was hot and humid towards the afternoon and stayed humid the rest of the day. On Wednesday it was cloudy and cool with showers during the day. This morning it was so cold that I had to get the boxes of winter clothing out to get undershirts for my boys. I had to wear a sweater in the house! The temperature was 13C this morning and stayed at 15C or below the entire day.

Tomorrow there will be a high of 19C and a low of 15C. The weather’s going to move like a roller coaster for another week. I just hope none of us fall sick. On the bright side, with the constant ‘put it on’ and ‘take it off’ motions with our sweaters, we may just become Karate Kids.

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