It’s the Ford Fiesta, baby!

10 Sep

Kip has FINALLY taken possession of his new 2011 Ford Fiesta! I have to emphasize the word ‘finally’ because Kip has waited for it for five months. Five! (That’s two less number of air bags on the Ford Fiesta, just so you know.)

The car began its’ journey from the plant near Mexico City back in May but along the way it encountered some hiccups – key railroads were damaged by storms and  shipment was halted due to part-quality issues. But we can put that all behind us now.

We bought the car from our local Ford dealer. It’s always good to support your local merchants, it benefits the community. We had no regrets going to Houston Ford. There are some really nice people there. So nice that a month after Kip paid the down-payment for the car and knowing that he is renting a car to get to work in the meantime, they called him in to let him lease a Ford Focus from them free! It’s basically ‘here, take this car and use it till your car comes.’ They probably didn’t realize the delay is going to be so long. (But God knew, God takes care of his people, God is good! 🙂 )

Here’s another shot of our cute little ‘Lime Squeeze’ green car. I’ll ask Kip to give a review of the car later on.

Kip is the first person in our town to drive a Fiesta. And if you believe this video, when he goes cruising down the streets, he’ll be so pimping, he’ll be so sexy. 🙂

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One response to “It’s the Ford Fiesta, baby!

  1. Kershin

    September 13, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Cute car! Safe car too.. 4 more airbags than bmw 😉 So pimping..


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