Jumping into Microsoft Kinect

11 Sep

Microsoft Canada had a ‘Kinect™ Kids’ Day’ at their head office today. It was to introduce Kinect, their latest game technology which works with the Xbox 360 game system, to kids and their parents. Kinect is really fun and easy for kids to play with because they do not need to hold on to a controller to interact with the system. Instead, the system recognizes the players’ movements, gestures and voices.

This works very well for those who find playing games with a traditional game controller a challenge, like me! My brain just can’t handle instructions like “turn the right toggle-thingy with the right thumb and press ‘A’, squeeze the left trigger then push ‘B’ but don’t squeeze the right trigger because that does a whole different thing and will cause you to lose your life!”

With Kinect, you don’t have to learn how to work the controller, you just jump right in to the game, which is just what my kids did today at the event. They jumped, they ran (on the spot), they flapped their arms, they bent their bodies etc. to play the games and they had fun or in Big Kid’s words, “it was super awesome!” I think the event tagline of ‘Jump In’ is very apt.

I overheard people at the event saying Kinect is going to be on their Christmas list. I’m not sure if it will be on ours, probably not since we don’t have an Xbox 360 yet!

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