Cough, cough and fever

14 Sep

Remember what I said in the post on September weather about hoping none of us fall sick? Well, what do you know, half of the family did get sick! I started getting phlegmy in the middle of the week and by Saturday I was coughing. I couldn’t go to church on Sunday because my body was so tired from coughing. Big Kid came down with a fever on Friday night and he got a cough too. The fever left him on Saturday morning but came back on Sunday. He didn’t go to school on Monday as he was still having a fever albeit a low one. He’s back to school today though.

I slept in the boys’ room last night in Little Guy’s bed. We separated the well from the un-well. Big Kid fell asleep after taking cough medication which contained some antihistamine. That kind of medicine can really sedate a kid! Which was a good thing because then he didn’t hear me coughing and getting up to expel phlegm at least 7 times during the night! I didn’t sleep well but the good news is, my body feels better. As more of the phlegm leaves my body, the less tired and achy it feels. I have been drinking home-brewed juices, if I may, for cough and they’re pretty effective as an expectorant. On Monday I boiled a whole lot of stuff together including dried pear slices and dried sea coconut slices. Yesterday I boiled apples with honey dates. Good stuff those. Soothes the lungs and also looses the phlegm.

I took a cough suppression just now because I have been coughing up phlegm every 5 minutes but I need to go out for some groceries. Don’t want to be caught in the uncomfortable situation of having phlegm in the mouth and not being able to spit it out. Sorry if that thought grosses ya out!

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