The Doctor Wait

19 Sep

Big Kid finally saw a doctor on Friday. He had been coughing a lot since last Saturday so on Tuesday morning I called our family doctor. The earliest appointment I could get was Friday morning. That’s considered normal. It’s unlikely that you’ll get an appointment for the next day and rare for an appointment the day you call. Our doctor doesn’t work on Thursday so Friday morning it is.

That’s the way things works here in Canada with the public health care system. Everyone should have a family doctor and appointments are necessary to see the doctor. I should also mention that one has to first find a doctor that is accepting new patients and that can be quite hard. We were fortunate that the second clinic I called after moving here last year said as long as we’re living in this town, the doctor will accept us. There are walk-in clinics that you can go to but there is usually a long wait in the clinic and the doctor doesn’t have your medical history. I avoid walk-ins if I can as those doctors are so busy they will diagnose your condition in 3 minutes. However, walk-in clinics are usually the only clinics that are open on weekends or open late. The other option would be going to the Emergency Room (ER) in the hospital but that would be something you really wouldn’t want to do.

Anyway, Big Kid is now on antibiotics and he’s on the mend. I will have to go to his school at lunch time every day next week to give him his afternoon dose of the antibiotics. Well, that’s one of the things I could do as a stay-at-home mum, I suppose.

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