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Vacation Awaits

This is tonight’s dinner – take-out pizza from Nonno Crupi’s. I don’t have time to cook or the mind to cook because I’m going away on vacation and getting prepared for it as taken away all my time and energy. I hate packing, it stresses me out. I’m leaving the day after tomorrow and yet there are only gifts in my luggage, not a single piece of clothing. I’ve got my sons’ clothings 90% ready in their closet. Don’t ask me why I did not put them in the luggage. It’s just me, I can’t get organised when it comes to packing. Did I mention that I hate packing? I haven’t even got my own clothes packed or mentally listed out. I’m just procrastinating by doing this and that, like writing a blog post. The last time I packed for a trip was last summer when I went away on a 2N3D trip. Packing for that should be simple and yet I left behind my toothbrush. Fortunately I realised that while on the coach, when I was mentally going through the items I’m supposed to put into my luggage, and bought a toothbrush on our first pit stop. Would hate to be brushing my teeth with my finger that night in the hotel.

Anyway, I look forward to when everyone’s seated on the plane. It will be then that I will be able to relax. Then it will be too late for anything and all I can do is just let it go and relax. So I’ll be gone awhile and may not be reading and commenting on my favorite blogs regularly. Don’t take my silence the wrong way, I’m just not going to be sitting in front of the computer that much. 🙂


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FFWD: Garlicky Crumb-Coated Broccoli

IMG_4881 (600x400)

I made this awhile ago but I had notes written in my Around my French Fridays cookbook. The broccoli was first steamed, seasoned and set aside. The crumb coating was then made in a skillet – butter, garlic, bread crumbs and lemon zest. I didn’t have any fresh mint or parsley to add on so I left it out. While the crumb coating is nice, I felt this was only a mediocre way of dressing up broccoli. It would have been nicer if the broccoli wasn’t cold. Tossing the broccoli with the crumbs in the skillet wasn’t enough to warm up the broccoli that had gone cold while sitting. The crumbs didn’t stick well to the broccoli too and most of it end up at the bottom of the plate. I also felt the dish was a little dry but that could be due to me not using the full 4 tablespoons of butter for the crumb coating!

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Spring is Here

Spring is here. I was on Main Street today and it was great to see not just the light sky but also the cleared streets. No more blackened snow piled at the end of sidewalks and dirty, muddy streets. The last remnant of snow gone. The town will start cleaning the roads soon, sweeping the dirt and sand left behind by the melted snow. I look forward to walks to the town when the weather warms up more.

Forgive the hastily taken photos. It was still a little chilly so I hurriedly snapped the pictures with my phone and entered the bagel shop for a breakfast with my friends. (The last photo was added the next day, a beautiful sunny day.)

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