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Update and Birthday

This is the final week of the basement renovations. I really can’t wait for it to be over, I’m starting to get cabin fever from being in the house so much! The rooms are finished and the floor’s going in.

Elsewhere in the household, there was a birthday. Little Guy turned 5! We had a little celebration yesterday with cupcakes and play buddies over. Daddy’s over at Nova Scotia this week for work so we’ll wait till he’s back for a proper birthday cake and a second round of celebration.

These chocolate cupcakes, from, are good. They’re moist and has a mild chocolate flavour from using Dutch-processed cocoa powder. I used Fry’s Cocoa Powder, which is the only Dutch-processed cocoa powder I could find in the stores. The frosting uses unsweetened chocolate. It’s quick to make and easy to pipe too. I halved the recipe and got only 5 of these cupcakes. Click here for the recipe.

Trying not to get frosting on his face…

Lunch at a Pizzeria


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Cream Cheese Crater Cupcakes

IMG_1823 (800x475)

I had half a block of cream cheese leftover in my refrigerator and this recipe, from the June 2010 issue of Canadian Living, is perfect for using it up. The chocolate cupcake is moist and dark while the cream cheese filling is soft and tangy. They’re great for bringing to parties as there’s no messy frosting and they look good on a platter.

Cream Cheese Crater Cupcakes

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