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Thanksgiving Day & Fun at the Farm

It’s a holiday today, Thanksgiving Day in Canada. We haven’t been celebrating Thanksgiving as 1) it’s not part of our culture (yet) and 2) we don’t have family here to celebrate with. However, we had been having Thanksgiving lunch with our dear family friend RC and her family for the past 2 years. It’s always a feast with turkey, stuffing, gravy, sides and dessert. Yum!

This morning we went to Cooper’s Farm with friends for a fun family outing. It was a good day to be outdoors – cool morning of 10 degrees C and 16 degrees C in the afternoon. There were many visitors at the farm too, cars seemed to be pulling in constantly.

The farm has lots to see as well as activities to keep both children and adults entertained for a morning.

Corn table and corn box (not in picture).

Livestock. Yes, this is entertaining for city kids!

Even the adults were admiring this pot-bellied pig!

Goats on a bridge.

A baby maze.

The farm’s main attraction – their 10-acre corn maze. What is it about a maze that sets kids running off right from the start??

Picking your own pumpkin.

The quintessential farm fun activity – the wagon/tractor/hay ride.

Look at the beauty of a pumpkin I found! Don’t you think this would be the one Cinderella would pick for Fairy Godmother to turn into a carriage? I certainly think so!



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Mooncake (Mid-Autumn) Festival

We had a little ‘mooncake festival party’ on Saturday to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival, as how it’s called in Malaysia. This year the festival falls on September 22nd. It’s traditionally a harvest festival and celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and roundest. For us it was just another excuse to have our friends over for some food and fellowship. I also bought lanterns for the kids to play with. Playing with colorful candles and walking around with a bright and lighted lantern was what I did when I was a kid and I wanted my kids to have that tradition too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find those colorful candles here but the kids did walk around the block with their lanterns.

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Sunday KFC and BBQ

The sermon topic today was ‘Will I be financially secured?’, part of the ‘Fearless’ series. We were reminded to depend on God and to trust Him to provide for us. It feels good knowing that God ‘has our back’.

Lunch after church was KFC! Big Kid asked for it but I told him it was arteries-clogging food. Read the rest of this entry »

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