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The Doctor Wait

Big Kid finally saw a doctor on Friday. He had been coughing a lot since last Saturday so on Tuesday morning I called our family doctor. The earliest appointment I could get was Friday morning. That’s considered normal. It’s unlikely that you’ll get an appointment for the next day and rare for an appointment the day you call. Our doctor doesn’t work on Thursday so Friday morning it is.

That’s the way things works here in Canada with the public health care system. Everyone should have a family doctor and appointments are necessary to see the doctor. I should Read the rest of this entry »

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Cough, cough and fever

Remember what I said in the post on September weather about hoping none of us fall sick? Well, what do you know, half of the family did get sick! I started getting phlegmy in the middle of the week and by Saturday I was coughing. I couldn’t go to church on Sunday because my body was so tired from coughing. Big Kid came down with a fever on Friday night and he got a cough too. The fever left him on Saturday morning but came back on Sunday. He didn’t go to school on Monday as he was still having a fever albeit a low one. He’s back to school today though.

I slept in the boys’ room last night in Little Guy’s bed. We separated the well from the Read the rest of this entry »

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