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French Fridays with Dorie: Leek and Potato Soup

Dorie is right, this is a simple soup to make. Leeks and potato cooked in chicken broth and milk. The soup came together in under an hour and it was very satisfying. I followed the recipe except for the potatoes, I used 2 instead of 1. I wanted to have some potato chunks in my soup but I also wanted a smooth soup. So when the soup was done, I scooped out some potatoes before hitting it with my immersion blender. I also made my own croutons because I happen to have a stale bun in the bread bin.

From this:

to this in 40 minutes:

Bon appetit!

This recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan‘s Around My French Table.

This month FFWD members are free to select the recipe they want to make each week from the December set of recipes. Check out what other members made here.



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Stir-fry Roast Pork with Leek

I cooked leeks for the first time yesterday. I must confess that I didn’t know how to cook leeks so I did some ‘research’ and found that you only cook the white and light green parts of the stem, discarding the thick green leaves at the top. I attempted the simple (and classic) Chinese stir-fry dish of roast pork (siew yuk) and leeks. The sweetness from the leeks and dark soy sauce combined well with the savory roast pork. This dish usually has more leek than pork but mine turned out to be the other way around! Well, my kids and I didn’t mind that one bit.  Here’s my version of the dish: Read the rest of this entry »


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