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Moms’ Group Meet

I went for the moms’ life group meeting in church this morning. It’s my second time meeting with this group. The last time I attended was a year ago. As I sat on the couch looking at the other mothers, I realised there was a big difference between my first meeting and this one. Then I was feeling awkward and out of place. Everyone knew everyone, I was the only one who didn’t have a friend there. I attended with the objective of making connections with other mothers with young children in the church. I didn’t enjoy the meeting very much and I never went again! There were other reasons for me not attending too; I was volunteering at Big Kid’s school on some Wednesday mornings, that’s when the moms’ group meet, and then Little Guy had his skating lessons.

Today was different, much better! I am more settled in the church, I have made more friends and the ladies in the group are now familiar faces. I know they know me too. I felt comfortable talking and listening to the other ladies.  It’s going to be a commitment, attending the meeting every week. That’s partly why I’m talking about it here on the blog, so that I’ll be accountable and won’t be able to quit just because I’m too lazy to go! 😉

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