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Raccoon Thwarted

Ok, it has been three nights and there has been no raccoon incidents. We’re not sure if it came and was defeated by the cords or if it didn’t come at all. The bin look untouched and the latch was still locked down. It’s a little disappointing, actually! I guess we’ll have to test if the raccoon is still around with dummy compost in the bin and cords removed. For now, I shall say the score is Raccoon: 1 Man: 1


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Raccoon Problem

Two nights ago when it was very windy, my husband heard bangs in the backyard and thought it was our bins falling over. It turned out a raccoon had knocked our compost bin over and had a party all over the yard! Fortunately the bin wasn’t full, only one bag of compost was inside.

My husband secured our bin so it couldn’t be knocked down and thought that would be good enough. This morning, this was what he found:

Raccoon: 1 Man: 0

I did some research and it seems lifting the latch is no problem at all for these urban pests! The one that frequents our backyard didn’t climb all the way in but he did rip a bag that was inside. He didn’t do a full rummage this time and I wonder if it’s because of the soiled (with pee) diaper that was it in, courtesy of a friend who visited last night with her toddler! You see, ammonia is a raccoon repellent!

This is my husband’s next strategy:


The cords are so tight that even he finds it difficult to remove them. We’ll see if it works tonight! Stay tuned!


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