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Port Perry

I found out recently that I live only 40 minutes away from a local tourist town. The town is Port Perry and it’s well known for it’s “picturesque, Victorian-era downtown, with many clothing stores, restaurants, cafés, bookstores, galleries and antique shops.” (Wikipedia) A stroll in downtown Port Perry ends at a park which fronts a lake. I went for a quick trip with my friends on Friday. We stopped at a bakery that is famous for its butter tarts and had lunch at one of the pretty cafés.  I definitely have to make another trip there and stay longer this time. I don’t even remember the name of the cafe we ate at but it sells a very good roast prime rib au jus sandwich and carrot cake!

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Field Trips

The end of the school year is pretty fun for students – they get to go on field trips! Little Guy’s class visited a farm cum education centre at the end of last month and it was a very good trip. They learned about rabbits, goats and chickens as well as making chicken feed and grooming a pony! I went along as a parent volunteer to help the teacher manage the class. It was also an opportunity to meet the other parents and know who Little Guy’s friends are. Kindergarteners are cute!

WP_000637Petting the goats















Today I went with Big Kid’s class to the Toronto Zoo. I volunteered to go to help and also, I haven’t been to the Toronto Zoo before. Each adult had to watch over 4 kids but I teamed up with Mr. M since it was my first time there. Watching over 8 boys at the zoo is not as easy as watching a group of kindergarteners at the farm, that’s for sure! From the start till the end, Mr. M and I would be calling at one or two of the boys who likes to run ahead of the group. “Charlie! Come back here!” “Danny! We go as a team!” The boys had a good time and I think they enjoyed all the exhibits. Their only disappointment was not being able to watch the sharks and stingrays as that exhibit requires an additional admission fee and parents were told not to send money with their children that day.









We were there for more than 4 hours and by the time we were on the bus heading back to school, my ears were ringing and I had developed a headache! But I didn’t mind. I had spend a day out with my son, saw a Komodo dragon with him, met his friends and got to know 3 other parents. Smile The only thing is I didn’t manage to make this week’s French Fridays recipe (Roasted Rhubarb)!


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Wet and Wild Welcome

After being away for a month, we came home to Spring but a wet one. It rained the whole week we were back. It seems we have record-breaking rain this Spring. The cool air and cloudy skies didn’t help our jet lag too, we felt like sleeping all the time!

Then the skies cleared and the sun came out and we could see just how wild the backyard is. Downright ugly. Crab grass, dead grass and bald patches. I could cry. I hate it. My favorite daydream is of winning a contest where the prize is a free backyard makeover or free landscaping. I want a backyard that looks like a golf lawn with neat bonsai trees. Yeah, daydreaming is free.

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Spring is Here

Spring is here. I was on Main Street today and it was great to see not just the light sky but also the cleared streets. No more blackened snow piled at the end of sidewalks and dirty, muddy streets. The last remnant of snow gone. The town will start cleaning the roads soon, sweeping the dirt and sand left behind by the melted snow. I look forward to walks to the town when the weather warms up more.

Forgive the hastily taken photos. It was still a little chilly so I hurriedly snapped the pictures with my phone and entered the bagel shop for a breakfast with my friends. (The last photo was added the next day, a beautiful sunny day.)

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