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Waiting for Spring

We had a thaw 2 weeks ago, the snow melted and we could see grass. Dead grass but grass nonetheless! The snow turned into slush and the roads were wet and dirty and the white snow banks practically turned black. It was also a glimpse of Spring-like weather. Late last week, however, the snow returned and again last night with about 10cm of snow. This morning the world was a winter wonderland again. Temperatures were at zero and above today so it was great. The boys wanted to play in the yard after church this morning and I let them as the snow season will come to an end soon. They volunteered to shovel the snow from the footpath but it’s more play than work at this age!

IMG_5599 (600x400)

Little Guy striking a pose when he spotted the camera.

IMG_5604 (600x400)

Clearing the steps.

IMG_5610 (600x400)

The cheeky one dumping snow on his brother.

IMG_5615 (600x400)

Another pose for Mummy.


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